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Ridmik Keyboard

<b>(রিদ্মিক কীবোর্ড)</b>

<i>** key height problem in some phones SOLVED**</i>

Ridmik Keyboard is a FREE ( & NO ads) keyboard for writing Bangla & English.

<b>NOTE: Please remember that your device needs to have native Bangla support to write Bangla smoothly. IT'S NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE KEYBOARD IF YOUR PHONE CAN'T RENDER BANGLA. So, please don't rate poor unless it's the fault of the keyboard.</b>

You can read a review as well as installation information in Bangla on Android Kothon, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

facebook page: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


1. Bangla phonetic keyboard (like your favorite Avro keyboard)

2. Bangla Unijoy(ইউনিজয়) & National (জাতীয়) layout

3. Bangla & English word prediction/suggestion for faster writing

4. 7 themes, including Gingerbread, ICS & the Ridmik theme

5. Swipe space bar to change mode (English, Bangla, Unijoy)

6. Learn words as you type feature, It will learn new words from your typing and predict from them afterwards.

7. Unlike default gingerbread & ICS keyboard it has Enter (new line) button while typing messages.

8. Long press Enter key to go to smiley screen.

9. Lots of smileys (3 screens)

10. Write Bangla in Bangla unsupported devices.

11. Amazing layout for Tablets.

12. Cut, Copy, Paste by long pressing on X, C, V

13. Update Facebook status directly from the app.

14. Need a 14th feature? Fine, Just send an email.


** version (>=2.2.8) will guide you through the installation process**

1. Download & install the app.

2. Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard (or similar)

3. Enable Ridmik Keyboard (tick the box just beside ‘Ridmik Keyboard’

4. Then open any typing field (can be new message, search box). long press on it.

5. Click on 'Input Methods'

6. Select Ridmik Keyboard from the list

7. On ICS, after opening a typing field, swipe down the notification bar & Click on 'Select Input Method' then select 'Ridmik Keyboard' from the list.

8. Enjoy! No more steps!

For more info & detailed help, please visit the keyboard site:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> .

Permission Explanations:

<b>Internet:</b> for facebook status update right from the app. (not needed in version >= 3.0)

<b>Read Call Log:</b> for suggesting names from the call log while you type

<b>Read Contacts:</b> for suggesting names from the contact names

<b>Record Audio:</b> for voice input

<b>Vibrate:</b> for vibrating while you type


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